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Premium All Natural Toothpaste Launches

100% Natural, 100% Fresh, Foams, Cleans and Tastes Great.

Living a healthier life begins with a healthier routine. What better catalyst than a fresh start? Mr Bain’s has launched a range of 100% natural sustainable oral care range of toothpastes.

Unlike other brands on the market that claim to be 99% natural, Mr Bain’s toothpaste does not contain any chemical foaming agents but rather uses soap bark which is a natural surfactant, foaming & cleansing agent.

Mr Bain’s uses only premium natural and organic components to ensure your mouth is refreshed and real clean. The naturally sourced and derived ingredients include coconut, hemp seed oil, eucalyptus, lemon, soap bark, rapeseed oil, xanthan gum, veggies, sugarcane, minerals, plant cellulose and water.

“The move towards more natural, sustainably sourced and cleaner products is a global one across many sectors and consumers are now seeking brands that are transparent in their ingredients list,” says Brendon Bain, Founder of Mr Bain’s. “We are very conscious of the ingredients that we use to ensure they are both fully natural and don’t contain any chemicals, artificial additives, or synthetic foaming agents that are common in many mass-market toothpastes.”

Available in two launch variants: adults Glacier Mint and kids Polar Berry created for your discerning little ones. Both are perfectly safe to swallow and are vegan and cruelty free, SLS free and fluoride free.

Why sustainable dental care?

“We all take our dental care for granted. For years and years, we have simply followed the instructions of our parents or dental service providers on how to take care of our teeth,” he explains. “Most of us don’t even think about what is used to make toothpaste, even though we use it in our mouths every day.”

He notes that times are changing. “Thankfully, we are all becoming far better at understanding the good and bad impact that brands have, not just on our health, but also on the planet.”

“It’s taken five years and seventeen formulations to arrive at this innovative product,” he says. “We tried all the organic and natural toothpastes on offer. Some were weird and some were salty, some ended up on the mirror and one even made me cry. In the end, nothing felt right.”

“We were left with the question: Why can’t natural toothpaste taste and clean like familiar (chemical) toothpaste? And with that question, so began our quest to make a ‘new normal and familiar’ toothpaste but without all the nasty additives,” he says.

He adds that the use of a fully natural product like Mr Bain’s is better than chemical-based alternatives because when you brush your teeth in the morning by late afternoon your teeth and gums still feel clean without a noticeable plaque buildup.

“Our research has shown that supermarket products begin to fail within six hours and by lunchtime your teeth are already feeling furry,” he adds. “What’s more our toothpaste is PH neutral (7.4) for obvious health benefits; it is even being used by professional wine sommeliers.”

“All our products are 100 percent natural with zero additives,” he explains. “All future products presently in research and development remain 100 percent natural with the additional focus on sustainable packaging and a range extension to include other oral care products.”

Notably, he says that Mr Bain’s will continue to focus on transparency and quality ingredients for real clean oral care products.

Available at selected Wellness Warehouse stores and online from R64.99 For more information visit the website or follow on Instagram.

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